Get Involved

Want to see a true reformation to create a culture of life in Japan? You can support and partner with us to make a difference in this nation through the message of Japan Alive by praying for us, connecting with us and also by giving financially.

All donations given to us will be used towards printing literature, creating teaching material, raising awareness, helping girls and women in their unexpected pregnancy, and keeping our work going! We also have a strong vision to use media as a tool to reach more people. We are currently broadcasting a 15-minute show weekly on 60 radio stations. We are believing for more radio and TV connections – but of course, these will require more finances!

If you would like to donate without a tax-deductible gift, please email us at:


19 Responses to Get Involved

  1. Michelle says:

    Do you accept yarn as a donation?

  2. Bethe says:

    Please tell me where I can send yarn….

  3. Ellen Owen says:

    How / where would you like yarn to be sent?

  4. Toddy says:

    Can you give an address to send yarn and knitting needles?

  5. Vicky Walker says:


    I would love to donate yarn to Yarn Alive. Where should I address it to? Thank you!

    Vicky Walker

  6. Caroline says:

    Is there a place in the US I can send yarn to? Or do I need to send it to Japan?

  7. Anthony says:

    Having read an article on Yarn Alive, I would like to donate yarn. However, being ignorant to knitting, is there a certain type of yarn you require?


  8. txvoodoo says:

    May I suggest that you join Ravelry?

  9. txvoodoo says:

    Oh, I hit enter too soon – May I suggest you join Ravelry at ? The community there (2 million yarn crafters) often gets involved in projects like this!

  10. Shuller Kathy says:

    I would like to know where to send yarn and supplies also.

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