(Figures from 2009)

Numbers of suicide in 2009 – 32,845 (25.8 people per 100,000). Twice the number of suicides in America. This is the 6th most common causes of death in Japan (2.8% of all deaths in 2009).  Attempted suicides are about 10 x.
Total number reported 221,980. 8.4% less than previous year.
Of these, 21,043 who had an abortion were under the age 20. Age 20~24, there were 50,307. Percentage wise, age 19 was the highest, and then age 18.
Child abuse:
Number of child abuse cases reported 44,210. From April 2008 to March 2009, 128 children died of abuse – 61.5% of which were mostly killed on the day they were born. One of the most commonly given reasons for this was unwanted pregnancy.

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