Japan Alive is involved with a range of activities including:

  • AWARENESS – Distribute a freepaper (magazine) throughout Japan in schools and public health centers
  • INFORMATION – Provide information and education through internet, radio and literature. Our unbiased approach allows people to think for themselves through the decision making process and explore different options in their situations.
  • ADVISE AND SUPPORT – being a listening ear to women in life-crisis such as unexpected pregnancies and abuse. Many of the women who have contacted us via email are facing different issues in their unexpected pregnancies, and many of them feel pressure to abort. They are desperate for an alternative, if possible, but most of them are not even aware that there are options other than abortion. While our intention is not to criticize or put blame on women who have already experienced an abortion, we do encourage them to consider keeping the baby even if it means giving them up for adoption. We believe that as long as there is life, there will be a way and potential for the child to be happy and fulfill their destiny in this life.
  • ADOPTION AGENCY – Japan Alive Adoption serves as a category 2 social welfare service. The organization has been registered as an adoption agency with the Japanese government. The primary service of this organization is special adoption, dealing with cases within Japan.
  • EDUCATION – Educational workshops on life-skills (sex education) at schools. These workshops provide an opportunity for young people to learn to recognize their self-worth, and to learn to care for themselves so they will not have to face the consequences of unwanted pregnancies and other traumas.

1 Response to Activities

  1. LaDon Pearson says:

    I’d like to purchase a throw from this organization. Is that possible? Could yarn colors be sent and something made? Please let me know thanks! I read the wall street journal and learned about Yarn Alive. I have twin daughters about to graduate from high school I’d like to send them to college with this type of hope message!
    LaDon from Georgia USA

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