About Us

We care about LIFE.

We believe in the value of every life.  We know that there is immeasurable value in the gift of life that each person has received from God.

We have seen the tragic effect of “not valuing life” on the people and nation of Japan. Death is rampant on every level: physical death, emotional death, death of dreams and vision, death of purpose, death of hope. We long to see this trend reversed – we want a culture of life, a culture that truly appreciates the value of each person’s life, a cultural transformation!

We are a NPO that focuses on sei (life) and sei (sex, sexual matters, sexuality) of young people.   Through  workshops, seminars, free literature, radio and internet, we aim to raise awareness of ‘life’ and support those with unexpected pregnancies.



Being a voice for people to hear that their life is precious and has value and hope.

2012 Vision



Provide a paradigm shift in thinking and new perspective on living a life of destiny and hope.


Strategies – “A voice in:”

  • Communication
  • Counseling
  • Workshops
  • Adoption

1 Response to About Us

  1. Jim Erb says:

    Awesome thing you are doing. I’m very impressed
    Jim Erb

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