Radio, Health Clinic, Community Cafe – it’s been a busy day in Watari!

Although traffic nearly got the best of us, we finally made it Watari in time to be interviewed at 79.2MHz radio station!

This radio station was birthed after the tsunami as a means of giving the town information.  It now runs 6 segments a day, 7 days a week with a dedicated group of 13 volunteers.

We were then taken to the Health Clinic nearby, where we were able to give them muslin wraps for the expecting mothers, our free magazine, and a box of towels, hand cream and other helpful items.  Although they had refused these items months ago, with this new contact we have, they gratefully accepted our gift and even asked for more! Seems the door is now wide open!

From there, we were then invited to the “Community Cafe” – a wonderful cafe for the people of Watari to come together, enjoy each other’s company and eat good food for only 200yen!

On arrival to the cafe, a group of ladies bumped into us in the car park and immediately recognized us as being the voices on the radio that they just heard! They were so thankful for our contribution.

This Community Cafe is such a hub! Within opening, people packed out the small building leaving others to peer through the windows to see if there was any room. This cafe serves not only food but as a place for a variety of events to take place including knitting, reading area, computer access, and even a place to leave charitable goods and pick out whatever you want.  It is certainly a place where “life” happens! And we like that 🙂

Stay tuned in the next coming weeks to hear the awesome story and heart that this women below has (founder of this Community Cafe).  You may just have found that very “cause” you were looking for to give towards this Christmas! Ooh the suspense…

Watari certainly experienced some bad times earlier this year, but good times are now ahead! Here’s to new opportunities, new relationships, increased hope and restoration!


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  1. Joy Horne says:

    Wow, this looks great

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