New Opportunities – Watari!

Today a knitting class in Watari was birthed and Yarn Alive was invited to join in its new beginnings!  This area was terribly affected by the March 11 earthquake/tsunami and yet they are continuing to hope for a brighter future and finding new opportunities!

After hearing of the Yarn Alive initiative in Shichigahama, this group in Watari believed that they could have a similar program that would make a difference in their community.  This particular group that met today take shelter in temporary housing that accommodates up to 500 homes – it is quite the scene!

Yarn Alive is pleased to be able to donate yarn to this group and see them thrive in such a situation.

The amazing thing to note is that since the great earthquake, many new opportunities have opened.  For instance, a reporter, who was at the knitting class today, shared with us how herself and 2 other people started a radio program after the earthquake because there was no information being given to the people in this area. They felt the need to inform the people of what was happening – even though they had no previous experience in this area! They now run a radio program that runs 24  hours a day!

With that in mind,  we asked her if she knew of any young mothers who meet together in that area. She mentioned another shelter that had many young mothers and babies. We showed her the muslin wraps that London Mothers donated to us, and she got really excited about them. She took the small amount that we had and will hand them out but also mentioned that they have a special package that they give to expecting mothers and that she would love to place the muslin wraps into that package.  So more contact will be made which means more impact! New opportunities are awesome!

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1 Response to New Opportunities – Watari!

  1. wendy says:

    These are such incredible pictures that speak so much about love and hope! They brought tears of joy to me! There is so much anointing in the gathering, in the kitting process, and in the giving out. God has great purpose in this!
    There is nothing, NOTHING that will block the love of God penetrating to even the darkest corner when we are willing to rise up and SHINE (Isa 60).
    Great works! So very very proud of the works you are carrying out!
    We are partnering with you in Taiwan!

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