“It’s a whole lot better than staying at home alone and thinking…”

That is a quote from a lady who has joined the “Yarn Alive” group.  She was asked what was the best thing about Yarn Alive.

Today there was an article in The Japan Times describing the increase in suicides throughout the quake region in Japan.  It reports that “The situation has calmed down, but there is concern about the long-term psychological impact on residents, many of whom have lost everything.”

As people are moving into temporary homes, there are concerns “that the sudden transfer from community to individual-based living could have even more dire consequences.”

“Yarn Alive,” an initiative to bring people together in the community centers of each temporary housing development, has increased in size and interest over the past few weeks! Such interest has grown that even NHK, a major television program in Japan, has been in touch and has done a short piece on what “Yarn Alive” is about and the importance it plays in counteracting suicide.

We are so thankful for the donations from people and discounts provided by shops in the Erie area of Pennsylvania.

As this is an ongoing project and increasing in size to other temporary houses (another 4!), we are asking for monetary donations to cover yarns and supplies (as these are given out for free to people who have lost everything).  If interested in making such a donation, please contact us at info@japanalive.org

About Japan Alive

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