June 11, 2011 marks exactly 3 months since Japan experienced the great March 11 earthquake. Even at this very hour, towns and villages were being swept away;  families torn apart;  lives changed forever.

However, with change comes new beginnings. New hope. New life.  This week also marked the first class (of many) of “Yarn Alive”. An initiative that Teddy Sawka is helping to coordinate in order to see women of all ages who have been affected by the tsunami to come together, learn how to crochet and support one another in one of the hardest times.

With an alarming increase in suicides since the earthquake/tsunami, particularly in elderly people, “Yarn Alive” is an important initiative to keep people “alive” and well.
It has been exciting to have an incredible donation of money in order to purchase such materials – huge thanks to many in the USA who have contributed toward this!

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About Japan Alive

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5 Responses to YARN ALIVE

  1. Joy Horne says:

    Thanks for this update – and thrilled to see “Yarn Alive” is up and running – the photos are really great – Amen and Amen.

  2. kate says:

    Wonderful, so glad that something as creative and normal as crochet and knitting is so important in keeping people alive – xx

  3. Awesome Teddy! You bring color, life, strength and comfort to so many! Hugs!

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  5. kento says:

    被災地の状況はまだ細かいとこまではわからないしテレビで伝わっていないところもあるだろうと思います。 是非頑張って下さい!!

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