Japan Alive 2010 Report

As the year winds down, it is an awesome opportunity to look back on 2010 and see the kind of impact that Japan Alive has made.

First of all the Japanese website has been getting between 200-1000 hits a day.  This is the main way that we reach young people and it is the main way that people find us.

Along with a website, we are now on 12 radio stations with our 15 minute, once a week program.  We speak about life and family issues.  These stations reach the airways from the North of Japan to the South in Okinawa.

Another exciting activity that took place this year was the facilitation of 2 baby adoptions. Our first adoption actually happened quite unexpectedly. The young lady did not even know that she was pregnant until a month before going into labor! She planned to give her newborn to a children’s home but a friend suggested the night before to look into adoption – so the mother got online and found Japan Alive! Another reason why it is so important to have a website! So two of our girls jumped on an airplane, flew down south, 7 train rides later, arrived back with a beautiful baby girl. Their account of the story is quite amazing. All in all, to see the joy of the new families receiving their new addition to the family was priceless.

These adoptions have further proven the importance of raising awareness of ‘life’ and sex education.  Therefore, in order to be proactive, we conducted 10 workshops for 1200 students/youths this year along with participating in a couple of events at fairs. The workshops were held in public junior highs and high schools.  Here are a few comments from some of the students in the workshops.

  • I understood that boundaries are necessary and it is important to recognize and respect boundaries. I often decide things just by looking around what everybody else is doing. Indeed, today’s workshop changed my thinking. I think my life will be changed from today. It was that meaningful to me. (9thgrader female)
  • It is cool to live your belief / conviction. I want to live my life like that. (9th grader male)
  • I assumed that it is fine for high school couples to have sex. But after this workshop, I changed my mind. I will wait till I get married. (9th grader, female)
  • I was shocked to learn how fast STD spread. (9th grader male)
  • 10 week fetus feet (feet pins) were amazingly small and cute. (8th grader female).

Additionally, our free paper (booklet), has been used not only in the schools, but we have had recognition from public officials in the city office in a major city.  We have gone into a second printing of our booklet. It has had a wide circulation.  Its main message is about boundaries and date violence.

As you can see, we are so thrilled to make some sort of impact in this society and hope that the new year will see us with more opportunities and breakthroughs!


About Japan Alive

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